Pendulum/AKG C516 Instrument Mini-Mic Installation Guide

Installation of the Pendulum-modified C516L is easy. The gooseneck has been shortened, and the mounting plate is fitted with double-sided foam tape. These changes make it easier to position the mic in the 'sweet spot' of the instrument, and to remove the mic if necessary. The mic/gooseneck assembly clicks securely into the mounting plate.

1. Remove the strings from your guitar.

2. Test out the position of the mic assembly (attached to the mounting plate) inside the guitar, without removing the cover paper from the foam adhesive. The idea is to position the mounting plate between the vertical braces on the side of the guitar , so the mic capsule ends up at the 'sweet spot' (see the diagram to the right). In general, the 'sweet spot' for internal mics is under the pickguard, near the treble side of the bridge. Specifically, we recommend:
· At the 4:00 position on the radius of the soundhole (with the neck defined as 12:00)
· Recessed about 0.5 to 1" from the edge of the sound hole .
· About 1 to 1 1/2" below the top, angled slightly up toward the strings.

From this position, minor adjustments can easily be made to suit your taste. For example, a 'woodier' tone (less sensitive to feedback) is achieved by recessing the mic farther below the top.

3. Once the proper position for the mounting plate is found, disconnect the mounting plate from the gooseneck. Remove the cover paper from the foam adhesive, and firmly press the plate to the side of the guitar, at the position you located in step 2.

4. Wire the pickup and mic to the stereo endpin jack.

· The pickup is wired to the 'tip' and ground connections of the stereo endpin jack. To avoid hum problems, make sure this connection is properly shielded, using a fully shielded (Fishman-style) stereo jack or foil shielding around the connection.
· The AKG C516L mic is wired to the 'ring' (red wire) and ground connections of the stereo endpin jack. No internal battery is required, since the preamp module supplies power to the mic.
· Note: you may wish to make all connections between the transducer, mic and endpin jack with metal-jacketed mini-connectors. This makes it easier to swap pickups and mics.

5. Click the gooseneck assembly into the mounting plate. Coil up any excess cable and attach it to the instrument with the adhesive putty included.

6. Re-string your instrument, and you're in business!

Note: We have attached a thin strip of pine to the bottom of the mounting plate. This raises the gooseneck above any vertical braces along the side of the guitar. You can attach the mounting plate by using the double-sided foam pad. However, the interior surface of some guitars contains sawdust (or the wood is not properly sealed) which prevents the foam pad from adhering securely. In this case, or for a more permanent installation, the pine strip can be glued to the side of the guitar by using hot-melt glue (from a glue gun) or super glue. If it is necessary to remove the mounting plate, insert the edge of a razor blade under the pine strip to shear it from the guitar.