Pendulum/AKGC516 Instrument Mini-Mic

At Pendulum, we've had the opportunity to try pretty much every type of mini-mic inside an acoustic guitar, including all the ones currently on the market. The one we like best is the AKG C416, which we modify for easier mounting, and change the capsule venting to reduce low-end boominess. Why do we like it best?

  • The C516 has a hypercardioid pattern, which means it's less susceptible to feedback when pointed out of the soundhole. The tighter pattern also means you can be much more selective about finding the sweet spot inside your guitar.
  • It's much less boomy than most internal mics, so you don't have to EQ the living daylights out of it to get it to sound like your guitar.
  • It has a very high overload margin, so it won't distort when you play hard.
  • Its low self-noise makes it a lot less 'hissy' than most small mics.
  • Unlike many mics we've tried, it seems to sound equally good regardless of the type or size of the instrument we put it in.

All this adds up to the modified AKG C516 mini-mic our choice for the best-sounding mic for your guitar (or mandolin...or fiddle...or upright bass...or cello...or dulcimer...or whatever.)